Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mid summer garden

It is so fun to see what was hiding under the snow this winter pop out in the middle of summer. It has not been warm yet, but the wind is blowing and the sun is out. Not enough rain gives me an excuse to water, too. As I stare at the full blooms of stunning color, I marvel that my eyes get to see such beauty. Yesterday I saw a hummingbird chasing a pink bee balm blossom for some nectar. It was bouncing in the stiff breeze but apparently the hummingbird thought it was worth the trouble.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trainwrecks, laments and heartache

I was talking to a friend today about some hard painful events in her life. Then I got an email from someone asking that her friends give her time to get 'through' some recent tragic events in her life. Another mom wrote of her son's imprisonment and asked for prayer for his wife and small children. These dear women brought questions to mind.

Who has time to listen to our tragedies?
Do we really need to get through these sort of times?
or do we need to learn lessons about how to carry them?
What is it that makes us so uncomfortable with the lament? the ache? the great sadnesses?

When over 2,000 people gather to hear the author of 'the shack' talk of his life, I wonder if it means new conversations are happening now? I wonder if it means some more steps toward healing in the arms of the Father? I hope