Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Did I mention that West Africa is next on my travel docket? I am so happy to go with a team of energetic folks to help build a church in a part of the world where no church building has ever exsisted.
When Lee was there a few weeks ago...(I know, why couldn't we go together???) anyway, when he was there, we got to talk over the internet a few times. One day he commented that the dear men and women he was teaching were beginning churches, meeting to worship and teaching new followers of Jesus with very few resources. We are glad to play a very small part in helping a community have a place of worship!
The team is made up of all Americans from Michigan, Arizona and Wisconsin. We are all ready to dive in and make a difference. An hour drive from where we are staying is a village with a school full of kids. We have been asked to take some of the team and spend the afternoons with the children. How many? not sure. What ages? not sure. Do they speak English? not sure.
I just have to say that for plan oriented, organized, time driven over achievers, we will have a challenge. BUT what fun stories there will be to tell.
Stay tuned.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oldest Daughters

I am the oldest daughter. I am not sure it is an easy spot, but I hear being the youngest or in the middle has its own set of drawbacks. My own oldest daughter celebrated her birthday today. In New York City. Far from me.

Don't get me wrong. We managed to celebrate early while we were there over Thanksgiving. It was a blast to walk the park, see the Macy's parade, take in Jazz at Lincoln Center. But on the actual birthday, now that it has arrived, we are all missing each other.
Becky called sad and weepy from a cold dreary apartment. Drew (3rd born son) called within 5 minutes from sunny South Carolina with a flat tire. Finding help in a new city on a Sunday is not the easiest proposition and he was frustrated. Ruthanne (youngest daughter) then phoned in from Vienna with 102ยบ temp wondering which medicines to take first. It was time to parent from afar. Grateful for the technology that allows the conversations. Wishing I could give a hug in person. Not today...

Instead a cup of tea, fire in the fireplace and football viewing will fill my quiet afternoon. Maybe a bit of present wrapping and follow up texts with the kids. Missing them all is a huge part of this season of my life.