Sunday, September 27, 2009

Surround Sound Happiness

It started out as a sweet plan to get a laptop for Buppy (my mom) to use while she is not feeling too well. Her computer is fine, but old and slow by most standards and we thought a mobile machine might be good. After all she could then skype with those far away. A camera and speakers would be built in and the speed would be great. So the boys (brother Ted and son Nate) left for Best Buy to make this happen.

I think it was about an hour later that they returned with great big grins on their engineer faces! Sorry, Buppy. The Best Buy in Peachtree City does not sell Apple products so we decided to get you a SURROUND SOUND SYSTEM instead. The next hour was filled with giant messy unpacking of boxes and moving of cabinetry, plugging and unplugging of wires and reading of the manual after all other attempts had failed. Mom was worried about figuring out the remotes. Don't worry Buppy, I will teach you all the ways to operate the new system!
My brother Bill pitched in the action until the Auburn football game was going to be on and the tv was still not operational.

I admit I was none too pleased with the turn of events. How do you get from a laptop to a surround sound system? But I have been won over with the arrival of best friend Valerie. As Mom turned up the music to show off her new wireless speakers, Valerie commented, "so you finally got exactly what you have been wanting, Patty".

Exactly what she wanted. Who knew?

I'm so glad.

Car wreck

The news has hit us like a car wreck. At least that is the picture I kept repeating in my head. My mom who has been our greatest support received a devastating diagnosis of lung cancer. What had been treatable pneumonia(in July) now became squamous cell non small cell carcinoma stage IV. Even if you do not google that report, you can tell it is not good news. So everyone has been coming to visit. It is my 3rd weekend in Atlanta in September. During her school break, we flew home Ruthanne from Vienna, Becky came from New York, Nate has made Sharpsburg one of his regular stops and Drew drove the long drive from Charleston. Actually all the sweet grandchildren have come to see Buppy and we are glad for the support and dear expressions of love.

So we walk the walk, pray for direction and peace while longing for answers and cures where none are to be found. Quilting is still happening in the good moments. Sleep and pain medicine are dominant. Chemotherapy begins tomorrow. Each day is too short and too long at the exact same minute. We bought lots of kleenex and we are using it liberally to wipe the tears that our Lord Jesus promised to count and save.