Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Creativity Abounds

New student working to dye fabric at the International Needs Vocational Training Center

My friend Sue has come up with a way to make use of scraps of material created at the vocational training center in Adidome, West Africa. Women here work without electricity over a fire to tie-dye and batik fabric to sell. These are women at risk with very few options to find ways to feed their families. They live in remote, rural eastern Ghana. The fabrics are unique, beautiful creations.

Sue is using scraps of this special fabric to make one of a kind note cards. It is a great recycle/ reuse project for folks who do stamping and scrapbooking. All the supplies are donated from extras that are available and then the cards can be sold at events or shown as ways to use the fabric for sale. Sue has written a sheet with instructions on it about how to make the cards with a short paragraph about I.N. Network USA. All proceeds will got to benefit the Vocational School.

Sue has already recruited several other card makers who are thrilled to offer their talents to this good cause. Every card is unique and each one is more interesting than the other. They will be available in sets of 4, come with envelopes and a sticker on the back with I.N.'s contact information. And I am wondering if this mom of 6 has come up with another way to raise awareness and funds to keep the good work in West Africa going! Sure hope so


  1. Sue is such a gifted woman. What a great way to use such a beautiful product.


  2. Thank you, Sue, for such a creative way to raise funds for the women and girls at Adidome Center!

    Can't wait to get started! We are so excited to be able to contribute!!